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Tall Trees keen to take advantage of the new late license with Amber D and JP & Jukesy guesting behind the decks

Saturday November 26th sees the start of the new later opening times at Tall Trees in Newquay. The club will now be open from 9pm til 3.30am the following morning. To mark the special occasion Tall Trees have not one or two but three special guest DJs behind the decks in the main club. Amber D who is one of Trees’ favourite djs and the new queen of hard dance returns accompanied by the new kids in the Tidy block, hailed to be the new Tidy Boys, JP and Jukesy.

Amber D is rapidly climbing the DJ ladder to super-stardom.
Over the past twelve months the sexy 22 year old has featured on the cover of M8, been named the Hard Dance Awards Mixmag Future Hero of the Year for the second year running, and graced the decks at some of the biggest hard dance events the world has to offer. Coming from a very musical family, Amber has been playing piano since she was just five years old. She is now a classically trained pianist and has just completed a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology.
Amber’s first ever gig was back in November 2001, on internet station, BPM Radio. From this appearance she had an online video and audio archive put onto the station's website and it was the stepping stone to getting herself heard and booked out all over the Midlands.
From there she moved on to the infamous Golden club night at Hanley’s in Stoke-on-Trent and it was here that Amber first met up with the Tidy Boys. She gave them a mix CD which they liked, and she started playing tidy events and in September 2003 was asked to join the Tidy Management family.
Since then she’s worked alongside the Tidy Boys and Paul Maddox on the release of her debut single and EP on tidy and has produced two tracks with Ingo - ‘Take it to the Dance Floor’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ and has studio dates with hard dance heavyweights Nick Sentience and James Lawson locked in for the first half of the year.
Amber’s stunning looks, exceptional talent and easy-going nature have already cemented her name as one of the most promising artists in hard dance.

JP & Jukesy are clubbers DJs. They pour their heart and soul into the records they produce and the sets they play and that’s why they have exploded onto the scene as ‘the people’s favourites’.
Over the past year their meteoric climb to the top of the DJ ladder has seen them destroy crowds up and down the country for the UK’s biggest and best promoters and their own Hard House productions have placed them firmly at the forefront of the scene. Their unique blend of music covers all styles of Hard House and puts them in the enviable position of being able to play any set time of any event, making them a promoters dream come true. Whether it is tough funky warm-up, blinding Bounce, pure energetic Hard House, or hard dirty techno driven Hard House, JP & Jukesy are your men!
They don’t shy away from putting in the hard work and have managed to balance the demands of running their own label with playing out as often as possible. It is this desire to share their music and their friendly and honest approach to clubbers that has cemented them as true crusaders for the people. Few DJs command the same respect and love from the crowd that these guys do.

2004 saw JP & Jukesy continue on from the gruelling DJ schedule of 2003, working all the smaller events whilst quickly establishing regular bookings at the big events like Frantic & Tidy. They also put into motion their own record label, Deprivation, which is now recognised as the connoisseur’s choice for intelligent and exciting Hard House.
They began that year with a bang, tearing the walls down at Tidy Weekender 5 with a Bounce set which is firmly lodged in the memories of those fortunate to attend. From then on it was clear that stardom beckoned for these two. Tidy spotted the potential and booked them for Summer Camp, Magna and Tidy Weekender 6. The Tidy crowd are tough to break down; they have been pampered with the finest Hard Dance DJs the world has to offer for many years. So being talked about in the same breath as The Tidy Boys and Paul Glazby over the past year is a testament to quality and entertainment JP & Jukesy deliver.
Other promoters have been quick to pickup on the talent and potential they have, which has seen top notch bookings at Goodgreef, Storm, Garlands, Insomniacz, ROAR and Wildchild. All of which received widespread acclaim from the clubbing community.
From a production point of view 2005 has also been a monumental year for the lads. Deprivation was started at the end of 2003 but really came into its own last year with top releases ‘Gollum’, ‘What You Got left’ and ‘Nowhere To Hide’ showing that JP & Jukesy are as capable in the studio as they are behind the decks. Deprivation has seen artists like Ilogik, Paul Janes, Tara Reynolds, Andy Farley, Paul Glazby and Paul Maddox all pitch in and with the guys showcasing their records in the clubs it will only grow from strength to strength.
Then yet another big gig at the Tidy Weekender  further proved that they are the corner stone of any good night out in 2005.

The biggest news of this year has undoubtedly been JP & Jukesy’s signing to Tidy DJ Management. They are now on the same roster as The Tidy Boys, Rob Tissera, Lee Haslam, and Paul Glazby and rubbing shoulders with firmly established crowd favourites will only serve to better their image.

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