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cdxJune 2004 finally sees the arrival of the next generation of CD player, the Numark CD-X. Long awaited by the professional DJ community, this incredible piece of DJ equipment is a perfect example of why Numark have been an integral part of the DJ phenomenon of the last 30 years…no one is more committed than Numark to making equipment that truly reflects the demands of DJs. The Numark CD-X is proof positive and is set to blow every pro CD competitor away.

With CDs now ruling DJ sets more than ever, the CD-X provides relief to DJs across the genre globe. The CD vs Vinyl debate has raged since the first CD players were available to DJs with most DJs enjoying the extra freedom that a CD player gives them, but bemoaning the lack of tactile feeling that a CD gives compared to vinyl. Now Numark introduce a CD player that feels like vinyl, looks like vinyl, but does so much more than vinyl. For a DJ, the CD-X feels real. THIS is what the DJs want and everyone wants one! No wonder that DJ Mag said…;

“The CDX is the only CD player available so far that has perfectly copied the medium of the standard turntable...the feel of the deck is the best we have ever tried for a CD Player”

The CD-X is a revolutionary piece of equipment, with advanced features to enhance any DJ performance, yet it is simple to use. Walk past it and it looks exactly like a regular deck. It takes a few seconds, even for a seasoned DJ to work out what is different about this deck, until the missing tonearm gives it away…! The CD-X enjoys all the futuristic and aesthetically pleasing design and styling of Numark’s flagship TTX turntable.

However, the CD-X is most definitely not all about looks. A closer inspection reveals an ergonomically perfect control panel featuring ‘battle style’ controls, forward/reverse toggle, a superior VFD multimode matrix display, slot load CD transport and extensive DSP functionality. The heart of the CD-X however, lies in the ultra-high torque direct drive motor as featured in the top of the range TTX turntable, complete with 12-inch vinyl and slipmatt. The CD simply slots into the front panel of the turntable base. The 12” vinyl record connected to the top of the unit controls the digital time code of the CD – a nice touch being the ability to interchange the piece of vinyl for your very own, making you feel right at home. You control the vinyl and let the CD-X look after the CD!

The CD-X finally answers all the concerns of the DJ that is serious about his or her music. It’s no wonder that BBC Radio 1 have teamed up with Numark to back the launch of this revolutionary product. DJ legends Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Fergie, Seb Fontaine and Dave Pearce will be featuring the CD-X on their national radio shows, culminating in Jules giving a brand new CD-X away signed by all the Radio 1 dance DJs to one lucky music fan.

The CD-X is the most versatile CD player on the market today. Scratch DJs have always placed the most demands on their DJ equipment and existing CD players have been found wanting both in usability and sound quality. However, the unique design of the CD-X means that now even scratch DJs can enjoy the extra convenience and creativity that the use of a CD will allow. As DJ Mag notes, the CD-X is the only CD player that has…;

“a platter that is free to rotate independently of the vinyl, or in this case the controlling disc. Even with the motor off, this freedom allows DJs to achieve certain effects not possible on any other player.”

Before we develop new products, we ask these questions: What tools does a DJ need to create and deliver a signature sound? What functions and features will give a DJ ultimate control and creativity in battles, clubs, studios, weddings, and sets at the house at the end of the street? The CD-X answers all these questions and more. As the DJ phenomenon moves forward, Numark is determined to lead the way and continue to push the boundaries of style and technology.


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