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Paul Glazby DJ Profile

Paul Glazby is one of the hard house scene's hottest properties alongside Andy Farley, BK and Lisa Lashes. He began his career on the underground scene in Sheffield back in 1998. These days he is recognised more on an international level playing regularly at clubs such as Frantic (London), Sundissential (Birmingham), Tidy (London), Storm (Leicester), Insomniacz (Sheffield) and Sin:ergy (Manchester) along with his International gigs in Australia, New Zealand , South Africa , Canada , Japan and Finland with his unmistakable brand of Hard House.

2002 saw Paul rise through the rankings of the Hard House scene; with his distinctive and relentless style he has gained the attention and respect of DJ's like Andy Farley , Lisa Lashes , Tidy Boys and Anne Savage and the crowds from clubs across the globe.

Throughout the last two years, Paul has spent time developing his record label Vicious Circle Recordings. The label has subsequently positioned itself as one of the top Hard House labels and is set to gain even more ground in 2003.

Paul's production career move up a gear in 2002, tracks like Nightmare, Motherfu*ker and Here I come propelled Paul to the forefront of the Hard House scene, gaining recognition from the scene's elite along the way. As well as his ground breaking original tracks, Paul is also in demand as a remixer, working for labels like Nukleuz , Tripoli Trax and Virgin's :VC: which is the label for which he did the now legendary remix of Dreams which reached No. 30 in the national charts and received widespread play on Radio 1 and Kiss FM .

The results of the reader's poll 2002 spoke volumes about Mr Glazby's year. The poll is compiled from the votes of the popular websites readers:

Best DJ 2002: Paul Glazby

Best compilation: Vicious Circle Recordings

Forthcoming original productions on Vicious Circle , Tidy Trax , Nukleuz and Frantic should see Paul's profile rise even further. The second Vicious album once again mixed by Farley and Glazby is close to outselling the first. Add to that the success of 'Hostile' on Vicious Circle and you can clearly see that 2003 has been an extremely good year for him.

Paul Glazby has a fast and relentless style, add to that his technical ability and the way he can pull out the right tune at the right moment it's plain to see why he has built himself a formidable reputation; anyone who's heard him play will agree his sets are something to remember and anyone who hasn't - watch out!

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