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Lee Haslam DJ Profile, Tall Trees

Rising star Lee Haslam has emerged from within the heart of 'tidy trax' ; one of the UK's most prolific dance labels and event promoters.

Though 'tidy' are more readily associated with hard house through their main 'tidy trax' imprint, Label Manager Lee Haslam ensures there is another dimension to the 'tidy' phenomenon.

Surprisingly for some, given his position within one of biggest Hard House labels in the world, Haslam is actually a hard trance DJ and has learnt his mesmerising skills from some of the best DJ's and producers on the circuit.

With the launch of Tidy's third label 'tidytwo', earlier this year, tidy now have a dedicated forum for hard-edged anthemic trance and Haslam has the perfect outlet for his talents.

Since his career began about six years ago, Haslam has developed a distinct style that distinguishes him from his contemporaries. The energy and elevation he generates through his seamless mixing and vibrant personality, rocks dance floors the world over and his reputation has grown at an impressive rate.

It is of little surprise to find out that Tidy Trax rate Haslam as one of the best hard trance DJs in the world. This year Lee is turning up the heat on his production career with remixes so far in 2003 on Y2K, Stimulant Records, Impact and of course Tidy. In addition to these Lee has recently been commissioned to do two massive remixes to be released after the summer. The first being the Hooj Choon classic Gamemaster by Lost Tribe and Dumonde's Human.

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